IRENA Innovation Week Summary Report

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IRENA Innovation Week Conclusions

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Plenary I: The Age of Renewable Power
•     “Towards a new energy moded” - Simon Mori, ENEL Group

Plenary II: Systemic Innovation
Renewable Energy Policy
•     “A Postcard from the Future” - Hermina Morita, Former Chair of the House Energy Committee, Former Chair of the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

Market Design
•     “Power Sector Reform and Renewable Energy: The potential for emerging economies to leapfrog standard market models” - Anton Eberhard, University of Cape Town

Business Models
•     “Business Models” - Dipal C. Barua, Bright Green Energy Foundation

Plenary IV: Technological Innovation
Renewable Energy Grid Services
•     “The road ahead in wind power: Innovation today for tomorrow’s challenges” - Christoph Wiard Neemann, Siemens

Smart Grids
•     “Renewably-fueled Power Systems: Grid Innovations” - Ernst Scholtz, ABB

21st Century Grid
•     “Global Energy Interconnection” - Lei Xianzhang, SGCC

Energy Storage
•     “Energy Storage - Future Potential” - Michael Salomon, Clean Horizon

Remote Systems
•     “Solar Homes and Business Systems: The Future of Rural Electrification” - Thomas Duveau, Mobisol

Plenary V: Operational Innovation
Control Options
•     “Challenges of RES Integration” - Olivier Feix, 50 Hertz

“Big Data”
•     “Operational Innovation” - Arash Aazami, Beyond Boundaries

Consumer engagement
•     “Customer engagement to support renewable energies & energy efficiency” - Sandra Trittin, TIKO

Demand Response
•     “The California Experience” - Eric Schmidt, California Independent System Operator

Virtual Power Plants
•     “The role of Virtual Power Plants in an increasingly decentralized energy sector” - Jochen Schwill, Next Kraftwerke

Plenary VI: Creating a Global Innovation Agenda
Mission Innovation
•     “An International Partnership to drive Energy Innovation” - Paul Durrant, UK CTCN

•     “Setting a Global Innovation Agenda: CTCN & Collaborative RD&D” - Matthew Kennedy, CTCN

Deepdive I: The Future Grid: Smart Mini and Microgrids
•     “Off-grid Rural Applications” - Debajit Palit, TERI
•     “Modern Controls of Microgrids” - Mario Paolone, EPFL
•     “Demonstrating the commercial viability of rural Clean Energy Mini-Grids (CEMG) in Mozambique” - Coralles Pereira, EDP
•     “Smart Minigrids and Microgrids” - Alexandre Oudalov, ABB
•     “The Future Grid: Smart Minigrids and Microgrids” - Roland Roesch, IRENA
Deepdive II: Energy storage & Electric vehicles
•     “Sustainable Mobility: Innovation in Electric Vehicle Technologies” - Guy Fournier, Pforzheim University
•     “COP21: Electric Vehicles (transition) and Renewable Energy” - Bert Witkamp, AVERE
•     “The technological trajectories and policy influences in the development of EV in China” - Qunhong Shen, Tsinghua University
•     “Technology pathways and policies for electric mobility in Europe and Asia” - Tilman Altenburg, DIE
•     “Innovation in Energy Storage for Renewables Integration” - Yoshiaki Shibata, IEEJ
•     “Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles” - Takatsune Ito, IRENA
Deepdive III: From Science to Innovation
•     “The Value of Patent Information in Climae Change Mitigation Technologies” - Alessia Volpe and Ilja Rudyk, EPO
•     “Knowledge Transfer at CERN” - David Mazur, CERN
•     “Beyond Patents: renewable energy innovation in Germany” - Karoline Rogge, University of Sussex
•     “From Science to Innovation” - Francisco Boshell, IRENA
Deepdive IV: The Future Grid: Electric Highways
•     “HVDC Technology for Electric Highways” - Peter Lundberg, Friends of Supergrid
•     “Panel Electric Highways” - Michael Schneider, Siemens
•     “Smart grid technologies” - Jochen Kreusel, ABB
•     “IEC International Standardization in LVDC for Electric Highways” - Vinal Mahendru, Legrand-India
•     “The Future Grid: Electric Highways” - Jennifer DeCesaro, IRENA
Deepdive V: New Market Designs
•     “Panel Electric Highways” - Antonella Battaglini, Renewables Grid Initiative
•     “Top 3 ‘must have’ for market design” - Peter Stratmann, Bundesnetzagentur
•     “An ENTSO-E prespective on market design” - Nick Frydas, ENTSO-e
•     “Lessons from Re-powering Markets” - Matthew Wittenstein, IEA
•     “New Market Design” - Salvatore Vinci, IRENA
Deepdive VI: Energy Systems Modelling and Planning
•     “How to shape sustainable energy systems - why proactive national VRE planning matters” - Frank Seidel, GIZ
•     “e-Highway 2050 as an example” - Jochen Kreusel, ABB
•     “Energy system modelling and planning” - Theodor Connor, Technical Chair, CIRED, Siemens
•     “Energy systems modelling for renewable energy integration and policy design” - Tobias Fichtner, DLR
Deepdive VII: Extending Frontiers of Reliability
•     “Bankability of PV projects: mitigating technical risk” - Joerg Althaus, TÜV Rheinland
•     “What reliable measurements can do to ensure the interoperability of electric grids for renewable energies” - René Carranza, CENAM
•     “Creating an infrastructure of experts and institutions in metrology and conformity assessment in Latin America and the Caribbean” - Christian Göthner, PTB
•     “IECRE Conformity Assessment System” - Frank Ormel, Vestas
•     “IECRE Value Proposition” - Matthias Heinz TUV Rheinland
•     “Extending Frontiers of Reliablity and Quality" - Francisco Boshell, IRENA

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